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Acrylic and Gel Nails


Acrylic nails are very strong, robust and last a long time. Acrylic nails are an option for anyone who has a hard time growing their own nails. Maintenance is highly recommended every 2 weeks to keep the nails looking fresh and secured to the nail plate.With a little care and maintenance you can always have beautiful hands you’ll be proud to show off.


Gel is light weight and flexible and coloured gel is highly desirable for toes instead of nail polish as it is long lasting and doesn’t wear off or chip. Maintenance is necessary on toes approx every 4 weeks to back-fill the growth area at the cuticle.


Microdermabrasion is the removal of unwanted, dead and damaged cells from the surface of the skin. By removing accumulated dead cells we accelerate new cell migration and create a receptive surface for skin care products to target the fresh cells, enhancing cell renewal and skin regeneration. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment and there is no down time. Glycolic acid is a natural occurring compound derived from sugar cane and works as an exfoliating and hydrating agent. When placed on the skin it goes under the damaged upper layers of skin and dissolves the “glue like bond” which holds dead cells together and stimulates the damaged cells to slough off the surface of the skin.


Combine these two powerful resurfacing agents and you have the optimum skin rejuvenation – Glycolic acid to stimulate the damaged cells to the surface of the skin and Microdermabrasion to slough away those impaired cells.


Microdermabrasion with Glycolic acid is highly effective for: Fine lines and wrinkles – Dry thickened skin – Sun damage – Hyper pigmentation – Congestion and/or acne – Open pores/blackheads.


For the best possible skin improvement, we recommend 3 or 4 consecutive treatments at 2 week intervals.Follow up treatments may be monthly or in blocks depending on the skin’s condition and response to the treatments. It is also strongly advised that a homecare maintenance program is incorporated to achieve optimum results.


NB it is imperative that extra care is taken when exposed to the sun and a 50+ is applied daily.


Waxing is an extremely efficient way of removing surplus and unattractive hair from any part of the body and works equally on fine hair and course hair. The biggest advantage is that the hair takes considerably longer to grow back because it’s being removed at the root and if waxed often enough it can weaken the hair follicle and cause permanent loss of hair.


To achieve the best results the hair should be a least one cm long and the process repeated every 6 weeks for optimum results.Whilst other temporary hair removal methods leave prickly stubble almost immediately, waxing leaves skin silky smooth and hair free for a longer period of time. Waxing is a very effective method, achieving excellent results over any area almost immediately.




Electrolysis hair removal is the only method approved by the FDA for “permanent hair removal”. Hair grows in different stages – growing, resting and shedding. Because all of the hair isn’t at the same growing stage, multiple sessions are needed to get the hair in the “growth phase”. Each individual hair is treated one at a time and electrolysis is predominantly used for course facial hair.



Alpha-H is an active professional skin treatment of concentrated and balanced performance ingredients. The products deliver real results of replenishment and rejuvenation regardless of skin type or age.Alpha-H is 100% Australian owned, operated and manufactured on the Gold Coast Qld.


Skinstitut is a serious, high-end skin care with scientific formulations based on clinically proven ingredients and noticeable results. Exceptional value at $45 for all products. Skinstitut is Australian made and Australian owned. There is NO animal testing and NO animal derived ingredients.


Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics has been operating in Australia for over 19 years as an Australian run business. Youngblood is a leader in luxury mineral makeup and is made from pure natural minerals containing a natural sun protection (Titanium Dioxide). Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics are suitable for all skin types and are free of parabens, fragrance, oil, talc, alcohol, fillers and artificial dyes. All Youngblood products are Animal Cruelty Free.